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Our premium beef cuts come from adult cattle. They have a firm yet soft and finely-grained lean. The beef cuts are also well-marbled, making them tastier and much more tender. You can create lots of different food from beef as well. You can make mouth-watering burgers, tangy mechado, and other delicious dishes for any occasion.

Are you feeling a little fancy? Buy a beef steak online and other types of cuts for your next meal. Our local and imported steak selection includes porterhouse, T-bone, tomahawk, rib-eye, and wagyu varieties. You can also satisfy your other cravings with our corned beef, lean ground beef, and LA kalbi.

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Beef Buyers’ Guide

What are the primal cuts of beef?

You can choose from eight primal cuts of beef available: 

  • shank
  • chuck
  • rib
  • round
  • loin
  • flank
  • short plate
  • brisket

These cuts are taken from different parts of a cow: the shoulder, hind legs, and stomach. The most tender cut of beef is the tenderloin since this muscle is not as hardworking as other muscles of the cattle.