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31 Oct 2015

Putting Pork on your Fork

Pork need not be overcooked. In the past, it was recommended that pork be cooked "very well" to be safe, because of the risk of trichinosis. This, unfortunately, often resulted in dry, tough meat, and some people still associate pork with this negative experience. Fortunately, with improved food safety knowledge and better production methods, trichinosis is no longer a risk in pork. We now know pork can be cooked safely to (160°F/71°C) or less, which produces a juicy and tender product. When cooked to this temperature, pork may still have just a hint of pink in the middle, for instance inside a cooked roast or very thick chop. The exception is ground pork and sausage, which like all ground meats, should be cooked thoroughly.

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Frenched Pork Chop
With Potatoes and mixed vegetables in Tomato Sauce
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