60 Day Dry-aged Striploin (New York Cut)

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Is online shopping for meat a challenge?

TenderBites Real-time Online Shopping. It's like going there yourself, without the hassle.

  • Video call one of our stores. A bespoke butcher or salesclerk will show you what's available.
  • Place your order along with cutting and packing instructions. See a sample to be sure it's exactly how you want it.
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How do you cook dry-aged striploin?
Dry-aged striploin is cooked just like any other meat. Make sure you thaw your protein correctly to avoid ruining its quality. Leave it to rest for about thirty minutes before cooking. Cook your meat over high heat for a few minutes or until the surface caramelizes. Afterward, you can turn down the heat to achieve your desired level of doneness. Keep in mind that dry-aged meats cook faster since they have less moisture left in them.
Why is dry-aged steak expensive?
Dry-aged meats are much more expensive compared to fresh or commercial cuts since they take more time and cost more money to produce and maintain. Dry-aging needs a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. You also lose a lot of weight and edible products after dry-aging, making them cost even more.
How long is steak dry-aged?
The length of dry-aging depends on the texture and flavor you want your steak or other meat to have. The sweet spot for regular dry aging is between 28 and 30 days. The longer the choice cut is dry-aged, the more its flavors develop and intensify.
Is dry-aged steak safe to eat?
Dry-aged striploin is safe to eat because they undergo a controlled process. This technique is different from letting your meat sit a little longer in the refrigerator because it is free from harmful bacteria. Moreover, the meat is hung so that every surface is exposed to dry air, allowing it to form a protective crust that protects the valuable meat inside.

Suki Experience

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Get Personalized Cuts From The Country’s Best Butchers

TenderBites' Suki Experience offers you premium meat cuts exactly how you like them. Our team of skilled butchers helps you save cooking time by prepping your meat before delivering it straight to your doorstep. Whether you want diced cubes or a specific serving size, your favorite butcher is there to help you out.

TenderBites Staff Ground Beef Grinding

We pride ourselves on procuring a wide variety of local cuts and imported meats from countries like the US and Japan. TenderBites' catalog of high-quality meat includes authentic Japanese Wagyu, USDA Prime, and Certified Angus Beef.

If you're unsure which cut will work best for your meal, our skilled butchers will help you pick the right meat for a flavorful meal.


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