Authentic Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye - Grade A5

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Are your taste buds longing for mouthwatering, flavorful wagyu beef? Indulge yourself with authentic Japanese A5 wagyu ribeye from Tenderbites!

Authentic Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye - Grade A5

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The marbling on our Japanese A5 wagyu ribeye cuts is a wonderful sight. These cuts pack so much fat, letting you savor melt-in-your-mouth goodness with every bite. Add some salt or pepper to bring out an even greater depth of flavor.

Assault your senses with well-marbled goodness, buttery softness, and umami flavor. Indulge in delicious, restaurant-style A5 wagyu ribeye at home. Get these prime cuts from Tenderbites today!

  • Get this cut on a per kilo basis.
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  • Any cut, any request.
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