Beef Hanging Tender

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Beef is a type of meat that you just can’t get enough of whether you have it for lunch or dinner So why not include beef hanging tender on your shopping list?

At Tenderbites, we offer this thick yet flavorful cut. Use our top-quality meat to make your meals extra delicious.

Beef Hanging Tender

Any Cut,
Any Request
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You Want It

Beef hanging tender is cut from the short plate, which is found below the rib primal. Cook it properly and enjoy extremely rich and bold flavors for your next dish! We recommend that you use our cuts for fajitas or bulgogi. You can also use it to make steaks or ground beef.

Treat yourself to an explosion of flavor with our succulent prime hanging tender cuts. Order from Tenderbites today!

  • Packed how you want it.
  • Any cut, any request.

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