Ground Beef Lean

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Who says you can’t have meat even if you’re sticking to a healthy diet? At Tenderbites, our lean ground beef is the perfect cut for preparing healthy, restaurant-quality meals.

Our lean ground beef has less fat than regular ground beef. Keep your heart healthy and your tummy happy with our lean meat cuts!

Ground Beef Lean

Order Our Meat
on a Per Kilo Basis
Packed How
You Want It
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Curious about why lean ground beef is considered healthy and good for the heart? These cuts are 99% lean, with less fat and cholesterol than your usual ground beef. To top that off, it contains more water and protein.

Lean ground beef is great for any type of dish. It’s an excellent ingredient for stuff like chili stew, tacos, or nachos. Other types of food you can prepare include meatloaf or cabbage rolls.

  • Order our meat on a per kilo basis.
  • Packed how you want it.
  • Any cut, any request.
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