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Want to satisfy your cravings for ground pork while staying healthy? Order from Tenderbites.

Lean ground pork is high in protein and rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s a great addition to a healthy diet!

Prepare restaurant-quality dishes using lean ground pork. This cut is highly versatile and can be used to prepare any type of meal. Just add some seasoning and its flavor will burst out.

Ground pork often comes from the pig’s shoulder or the trimmed ends of the loin. It can be fine or coarse, depending on its fat content. Ground pork has a much milder flavor compared to ground beef. Take note that most pre-ground pork sold in markets does not have fat and lean percentages, but TenderBites does.

Are you looking for 99% fat-free ground pork? TenderBites offers this type of ground pork and other premium meat products for all occasions. We follow an “any cut, any request” policy to provide you with precise meat cuts. We pack it how you want it so you get just the right amount of choice cuts you need for your recipe, whether you’re preparing a single-serve or a salu-salo meal. We can also package your order according to your preferred serving sizes to help you save time and effort in meal prep.

Get 99% lean ground pork and other premium meats from TenderBites today.

Lean Ground Pork Recipes

  • Pork menudo
  • Pork picadillo
  • Ground pork kebabs in a pita
  • Honey garlic pork meatballs
  • Pinoy-style spaghetti
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Suki Experience

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Get Personalized Cuts From The Country’s Best Butchers

TenderBites' Suki Experience offers you premium meat cuts exactly how you like them. Our team of skilled butchers helps you save cooking time by prepping your meat before delivering it straight to your doorstep. Whether you want diced cubes or a specific serving size, your favorite butcher is there to help you out.

TenderBites Staff Ground Beef Grinding

We pride ourselves on procuring a wide variety of local cuts and imported meats from countries like the US and Japan. TenderBites' catalog of high-quality meat includes authentic Japanese Wagyu, USDA Prime, and Certified Angus Beef.

If you're unsure which cut will work best for your meal, our skilled butchers will help you pick the right meat for a flavorful meal.

Store Locations

Is online shopping for meat a challenge?

TenderBites Real-time Online Shopping. It's like going there yourself, without the hassle.

  • Video call one of our stores. A bespoke butcher or salesclerk will show you what's available.
  • Place your order along with cutting and packing instructions. See a sample to be sure it's exactly how you want it.
  • When your order is ready, we'll send your invoice and payment link via SMS.
  • Pay online. Our staff will notify you of the delivery schedule.
  • Order gets delivered to your doorstep. Cook, dine, enjoy.

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How do I brown ground pork?
Ground pork can be burned quickly if you don’t constantly move it around the pan as it cooks. You can use a non-stick pan over medium heat to gently brown your ground pork. Refrain from adding additional cooking oil as the pork already has enough fat that will render as you cook it. Add in the ground pork and break it up using a wooden spoon. Continue stirring for about three to four minutes or until the pink meat has turned brown. Use paper towels to absorb any excess oil before using it in your recipe.
How do I remove fat from ground pork?
After browning your ground pork, you can drain any visible fat using a colander. Run hot water through it for about two minutes if you want to reduce its calorie content further.
Do I need to rinse ground pork before cooking it?
You do not need to rinse your ground pork before cooking. Instead, thaw it properly if frozen. Cooking the pork will destroy any harmful bacteria present in your meat. Rinsing your meat actually puts it more at risk of contamination.
Is pink ground pork edible?
Some ground pork recipes are still edible despite having a pink center. As long as your ground pork reaches an internal temperature of 160°F, it is already cooked and ready for consumption. You can use a food thermometer to ensure the doneness of your pork.


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