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Frequently Asked Questions

What is beef kenchi?
Beef kenchi is the boneless variety of bulalo or beef shank taken from either the front or back of the knee joints. This dark meat is not fatty and has a burst of flavor.
What’s the best way to cook baby kenchi?
Baby kenchi is perfect for stewing, braising, or slow-cooking. The slow and steady cooking at low heat lets you break down the tough fibers of the meat and render its fat and gelatine for a flavorful stew.
How do I braise beef kenchi?
Pat the piece of meat dry using a paper towel. Sear both sides of your beef kenchi on a pan for a few minutes. Afterward, add water and turn down the heat to a simmer until the meat becomes soft and flavorful.
How do bulalo cuts differ from baby kenchi?
Bulalo cuts are the cross-section of the beef leg and have a visible calf muscle marbled with sinew and tendon. Meanwhile, kenchi is entirely just the muscle and meaty parts of the bulalo. They have a beefy flavor that delivers great flavor.

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