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Sinigang is the perfect Pinoy comfort food. It’s warm, sour taste can help lift the spirits! Enjoy this flavorful dish with prime pork tail cuts from Tenderbites.

Pork Tail / Sinigang

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Our pork tail cuts are tender and have a mild and rich flavor once cooked. These pork cuts are ideal for slow-cooking in sour broth for hearty sinigang.

Cook restaurant-quality sinigang at home with our premium pork tail cuts. Shop with us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a pig’s tail taste like?
Pork tails produce more gelatine because they have more cartilage than muscle, making them perfect for stews. The gelatine provides a different sensation for your tongue. These choice cuts are like pig feet with a smooth, rich, non-greasy taste. Adding them to your recipe, whether split or cut into pieces, can instantly change the texture and richness of your dish.
Is pork tail good for my health?
Pig tails are a nutritious ingredient to cook as they contain a generous amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals like zinc, copper, and iron. Moreover, they have no carbohydrates.
How do you cook pork tails?
You can cook pork tails in different ways, such as roasting, stewing, deep-frying, and smoking. Its meat fully tenderizes and further develops its flavor when you roast it for an extended period or braise in a liquid. Similarly, deep frying gives it a crispy outside and a chewy interior.
How long does it take to cook pork tails?
Generally, deep frying pork tails take as quick as 10 minutes, while oven roasting, stewing, and boiling can take as long as two hours to reach its ideal tenderness.

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