Sukiyaki Ribeye

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Enjoy savory, flavorful meals with our Sukiyaki Ribeye cuts! At Tenderbites, we offer well-marbled, premium slices cut from the ribeye. Get our premium sukiyaki cuts for restaurant-quality stir-fry meals.

Sukiyaki Ribeye

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We get our Sukiyaki Ribeye cuts from the ribeye, or the meat from the beef rib. The part is found between the cow’s shoulder and loin, and includes the ribs.

What makes this type of meat extra special is that it contains rich, intramuscular fat. So when cooked, sukiyaki ribeye can make your beef dish shine with its succulent flavor!

Our Sukiyaki Ribeye cuts are thinly sliced for a tender taste. Top your hotpot or stir-fry dishes with these cuts or use them to make Philly steak sandwiches.

  • Packed how you want it.
  • Any cut, any request.

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