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Whether it's for a birthday celebration, merienda, or pulutan, this Pinoy classic is a must-try. Get prime BBQ on stick cuts from Tenderbites and savor grilled, juicy goodness with every bite.

BBQ on Stick

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Make your grill parties more festive and memorable with one of the staples favorites, barbecue on a stick! This finger food can either be a delectable appetizer or part of your savory main course.

Our BBQ offers a fusion of sweet, salty, and a hint of spice. The meat is skewered on thick sticks that don’t easily burn when placed on the grill. See our premium meat sizzle as they cook over a bed of hot charcoal. Baste them to perfection and satisfy your barbecue cravings at home. Enjoy it with your desired dipping sauce to take its taste up a notch. Whether you like vinegar with chili peppers or honey barbecue sauce with your BBQ, you’re sure to enjoy every bite. 

TenderBites offers delicious BBQ on a stick, perfect for birthday celebrations, meriendas, or pulutan. Our choice cuts are ideal whether you’re holding a big feast or a small get-together as we follow a per-kilo basis. You can get our premium meat products just as you want with our “any cut, any request” policy and packaging according to your preferred serving sizes.

Place an order of this flavorful Pinoy classic at our website today!

Barbecue on a Stick Recipes

  • Filipino-style pork BBQ
  • Oven-roasted pork BBQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should BBQ be grilled?
Skewered pork should generally be grilled for two minutes on each side. Make sure to baste as you turn the meat over to glaze it with extra flavor. Continue this process of turning and basting until your BBQ on a stick is thoroughly cooked.
How do I prevent the BBQ from sticking on the grill?
Always clean your grill tops regularly to prevent food from sticking. Applying a coat of cooking oil also helps lubricate the grills so you can place food easily. Lastly, your grill should be up to temperature before putting any meat on it so that your food doesn’t stick and end up having a good sear.
When do I start cooking on the grill?
You can start barbecuing when the flames have died down, and the charcoal has turned into an ember with a glowing red surface and ashy grey coating. You can always direct more air to your charcoal using a fan if you want to have more heat.
What is typically used in a BBQ sauce?
Most BBQ sauces are commonly made using vinegar, tomato paste, or mayonnaise. Other dips use various flavors such as onion powder, mustard, black pepper, sugar, and molasses. It all depends on what you want to taste and how you want to enhance your barbecue.

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