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Premium Country Style - Skin-On
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Ground Pork Lean (99% lean)
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Sukiyaki Ribeye
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Premium Baby Back Ribs
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At Tenderbites, we handle our meat products with masterful precision, customizing your cuts exactly how you want them. We are a butcher shop and meat supplier in the Philippines that follows the strictest safety and quality standards to ensure you’re able to prepare the most delicious meals at home and for you and your family.

Our meat store offers a wide selection of beef, lamb, pork, breakfast favorites, and ready-to-cook items. As premier meat suppliers, we take great pride in the quality and freshness of our meat products. We also strive to transport our items directly to stores, ensuring compliance with food safety procedures.

Experience the 30 years of expertise of TenderBites and its expert butchers. Reserve your orders and get your meat cuts delivered any time you want. You can contact our butcher shop and even consult our skilled butchers to help you decide which cuts are best for your next big feast.

Moreover, we can deliver your favorite meat cuts right to your doorstep. Our meat shop’s delivery service serves customers within Metro Manila. Order from our online store and enjoy same or next-day delivery for your preferred cuts.

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Choose from our wide selection of local and imported cuts and prepare restaurant-quality meals at home. TenderBites, an online meat shop, offers premium Beef, Pork, Lamb, Breakfast Favorites, Ready-to-Cook items, and much more.

Let your tastebuds travel the world with our Samkyupsal and host your very own authentic Korean barbecue, or try our Ribeye Sukiyaki for a delectable Japanese hot pot spread. Or go local with Pinoy favorites like Adobo, Mechado and Premium Country Style liempo.

Our premium cuts include A5 Japanese Wagyu and US Angus beef for special family or date night treats. And if you want to try something new, our Bespoke Butcher shop also offers Lamb Sukiyaki, Flatiron steaks, Frenched Pork Chops, Petite Tender, and other hard-to-find cuts.

Our Ready-to-Cook items like Herbed Porchetta, Oriental Pork Belly Roast and Chori Burgers let you prepare restaurant-quality meals at home quickly and easily.

Get top-quality, meat cuts through our extensive online selection at TenderBites meat shop today!

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With our Real-time Video Shopping, you see exactly what you're getting.

Ask our staff to show you what we have in real-time, choose the specific portion that you want and view your prepared orders to make sure it's exactly how you want it. It's almost like being there yourself.

Premium Meats Prepared How You Want It

Our Bespoke Butchers can cut the meat according to your recipe, making meal prep effortless. Just season or marinate and start cooking! Our expertly-trained staff will do any cut, any request for your convenience.

Premium Beef Cuts

Special Cuts

Looking to spice things up for your next dish? Try out these specialty beef cuts from TenderBites! From special roasts to simple barbecue feats, our selection of special cuts of beef won’t disappoint!

Local Steaks

Indulge your cravings and get steak cut staples like New York strip, tomahawk ribeyes, and more! Stick closer to home and have the same delicious outcome when you try out our selection of local steaks here at TenderBites.

Imported Steaks

Splurge on imported steaks once in a while and enjoy juicy and beautiful marbling that melts in your mouth. Take home your favorite imported premium steak cuts from TenderBites and taste and see the difference!


Entrails offer a unique taste and experience in every dish. Step up your next beef stew and choose from our wide selection of quality beef entrails at TenderBites.


Using premium cuts is often reserved for special occasions. Get premium beef cuts and more here at TenderBites and create truly unforgettable dishes for you and your loved ones.


Splurge on imported steaks once in a while and enjoy juicy and beautiful marbling that melts in your mouth. Take home your favorite imported premium steak cuts from TenderBites and taste and see the difference!

Imported Cuts

Imported meats always offer something special to the table in terms of taste and experience. Taste the flavors of the world when you get premium imported pork and beef cuts from TenderBites today!

Premium Pork Cuts

Special Cuts

Pork dishes are always a great go-to option for simple meals and grand feasts. Get your favorites like porchetta, premium baby back ribs, and other special cuts of pork here at Tenderbites!


Enjoy the sweet, salty, and savory taste of our ready-to-cook pork products even when you’re in a rush! Cook your favorite bacon, longanisa, and more without the hassle of meal prep when you order at TenderBites!

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