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Pork Pecho - Bone-In

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cook pork pecho?
You can cook pork pecho in an oven, boil the cut, or grill it. But if you want juicy meat, smoking or braising the cut is your best bet. Any of these slow-cooking methods will help you tenderize pork pecho and get to a tender and juicy finish.
What is the ideal cooking temperature for smoking pork pecho?
Set the maximum cooking temperature at 225°F. Cook the meat until its internal temperature registers at 165°F, then cover it with butcher paper. Leave your pork pecho to cook up until it reaches 190°F internal.
How do you cook pork pecho in an oven?
Cook your pork pecho for four hours or until it reaches an internal temperature of 200°F. In this case, you won’t need to use butcher paper. However, you should spritz the oven with your BBQ mixture while cooking the pork pecho to keep it moist.
How can I give pork pecho extra flavor?
You can make your pork pecho tastier with rubs, marinades, or barbecue (BBQ) sauce. Rubs have salt and a special blend of spices. Meanwhile, marinades are liquids that you use to soak food before cooking them. You can season your pork pecho in BBQ sauce for a barbecue-like taste.

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