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Osso buco, anyone? Treat your loved ones to this hearty dish with our top-quality shank cuts. Even though they look sinewy at first glance, shank meat is actually savory and juicy once cooked.


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Shank meat is taken from the shin or the leg. This type of cut is remarkably flavorful especially when slow-cooked. Slow-cooking helps break down the meat’s “litid” or connective tissue so that it’s juicier. Even though it can take a while to get that added depth of flavor, it’s worth your while!

Our customers use our shank cuts for beef stew, broth soup, or osso buco.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cut beef shank?
You can debone beef shanks or cut them with a butcher’s knife. If you’re deboning, cut the shank straight across the length of the bone. If you’re using a butcher’s knife, you should make thick cuts across the width of the shank. This method gives you boned pieces that you can roast or save for later.
What meals can I cook with beef shank?
Generally, you can cook stews, soups, and some beef dishes with beef shanks. Beef bourguignon, osso bucco, and bulalo are just some of the delicious dishes that use this cut. You can even utilize the lean meat of beef shank for your ground beef mix.
Is beef shank good for steak?
While beef shank cuts may look like a typical steak, their texture is far from one. Along with the round bone in the middle of the shank, this cut of beef is tough and chewy if not cooked properly. You’ll end up with a tough piece of meat if you cook beef shank the way you cook your steaks.
How long should I cook beef shank?
You should cook this cut for at least four to six hours. That way, you can enjoy its juicy and savory flavor. If you want to cook it quicker, you can instead use a pressure cooker to tenderize the meat faster than conventional means.

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