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Kalitiran or shoulder clods are one of the two subprimal located between the lower neck and upper shoulder or the chuck section of the cow. The shoulder clod is also one of the cheapest beef cuts in the market as it consists of large muscle systems and some fat surrounding it.

When planning out a menu, shoulder clods aren’t always the first thing in mind. However, you should not underestimate this choice cut, as it can very well be the secret weapon in your culinary arsenal, thanks to its rich taste.

Shoulder clods can be prepared using both dry and moist methods. We suggest braising or cooking them in moist heat to keep everything tender and juicy. Depending on your recipe, you can also break the shoulder clods down into a flat iron and ranch steak or cubed and use them in stews and kebabs.

Get your supply of kalitiran and other premium meat cuts only from TenderBites. We follow an “any cut, any request” policy to lessen your time in the kitchen and get right to enjoying your dish.

Add this wonderfully rich and versatile meat cut to your next feast.

Different Ways To Enjoy Kalitiran Meat

  • Beef and mushroom braised stew
  • Beef pot roast
  • Beef kare-kare
  • Chinese-style pot braised beef

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What muscles make up the kalitiran?
The kalitiran consists of the top blade, shoulder center, and shoulder tender. The top blade is often used as roasts or steaks, while the other two are under the so-called category of “accessory muscle,” as they are best used for ground beef or stew meat.
What’s the best way to enjoy kalitiran?
Kalitiran is one of the toughest meat cuts from beef. What it lacks in tenderness makes up for how flavorful it is. This is why kalitiran is often cooked long and slow to make sure the meat is soft, tender, and juicy.
What meat cuts can I get from the kalitiran?
You can get several meat cuts from the shoulder clod, including the pot roast cut, short ribs, blade steaks, chuck steaks, and mock tenderloin. Take note that these cuts are cooked differently, even if they come from the same part of the cow.
How do I cook kalitiran meat cuts?
Pot roast can be bulky and round or flat. Meanwhile, short ribs are much meatier and make excellent boneless short ribs.
Blade and chuck cuts are best for braising since they’re not quick-cooking steak cuts. It is not recommended to sear and grill these cuts to achieve a well-done and tender-to-the-bite taste. The mock tenderloin is also called the shoulder tender or petite filet, as it comes in a more manageable size. Cook this tender cut as you would with any tenderloin piece.

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