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Enjoy tastier stews or soups at home. Include prime ox feet from Tenderbites in delicious stews like Pinoy callos or cow’s foot soup.

Ox Feet

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Ox feet are rich in proteins like collagen and elastin that help our joints and bones. Slow cooking ox feet bring out colloids from its collagen. These substances attract digestive juices to keep gastrointestinal microorganisms from sticking to the walls of your intestines and prevent an upset stomach.

You can get calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and other essential minerals from ox feet as well. These minerals break down once you simmer the meat and consume the juices as soup.

Unlike other beef cuts, ox feet contain few chunks of tender meat. Because of this, braising and slow cooking is ideal for softening its chewy fibers. You can also remove the meat on the bones while it boils. Moreover, collagen from ox feet will add body and umami or meaty, delicious taste to your meal.

Try something new and add prime ox feet to your repertoire of dishes. Get this unique cut when you buy from TenderBites. Use it to cook your favorite soup or add it to hearty dishes like callos. You can shop for whole or custom cuts and get them on a per-kilo basis and have them packed how you want them. Complement your next meal with our premium ox feet cuts today.

Different Ways To Enjoy Ox Feet

  • Callos
  • Cow foot and broad beans
  • Korean ox bone soup
  • Ox feet adobo

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of eating ox feet?
Ox feet can help your body digest food better. Your skin can even become clearer and more elastic, while your wounds can heal faster when you consume ox feet regularly. Eating this type of meat can also strengthen your tendons and prevent joint pains.
How long do I boil ox feet?
Boiling time depends on the dish you’re making. It can take anywhere from 60 minutes in a pressure cooker to several hours if simmering. The rule of thumb is to cook it until your desired softness.
How do I clean ox feet and remove the excess fat?
Wash the ox feet with clean water. Then, boil the cuts for 10 to 15 minutes and remove the fat that floats out of the ox feet. Repeat this process two to three more times until you’ve removed all of the excess fat.
What ingredients can I pair with ox feet?
Since the collagen from the ox feet is already rich in flavor, you can complement it with other spices to give it more variety. You can pair ox feet with any of the following ingredients:
  • Ground beef
  • Thyme
  • Black pepper
  • Tomato paste

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