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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before cooking the bone marrow?
Most recipes recommend soaking the bone marrow in salted water for about 12 to 24 hours to remove the blood. Submerge the bones in a bowl of ice water and add two tablespoons of sea salt. As you set the bones inside the refrigerator, change its water solution four to six times before cooking it.
Is bone marrow healthy?
Bone marrow has a generous calorie and fat content. It also has small amounts of protein and vitamin B12. Moreover, collagen and glucosamine found in bone marrow help maintain healthy skin and joints.
How do you eat bone marrow?
There are various ways to enjoy bone marrow. You can eat it straight out of the bone, use it on tacos, or make it into a spread for toast or steaks. Most Filipinos simmer the bone marrow with vegetables to create a nutritious and delicious bone broth.
How do I clean a bone marrow?
After you’ve soaked the bone marrow in the salted water solution, any meat left should scrape off easily. Scuff the length of the bone using the back of a knife. Otherwise, you can simply cut it using the sharp edge of a blade.

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