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Did you know that it’s possible to feast on savory longganisa while staying in shape?

Lean garlic longganisa from Tenderbites offers a healthier version of this Pinoy breakfast classic. Shop with us today.

Lean Garlic Longganisa

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The best longganisa is made from the best ingredients. TenderBites longganisa is always made from scratch using the freshest pork cuts, never from scraps or leftovers. That quality comes out in every bite.

TenderBites lean garlic longganisa doesn’t feel or taste greasy. This makes it a healthier alternative to traditional longganisa but it’s still packed with lots of flavor, so you can enjoy it for breakfast without the guilt.

Start your day with savory, lean garlic longganisa on your plate. Shop for this all-time Pinoy breakfast favorite at TenderBites and have it packed in serving size portions for easy cooking. You can get our lean garlic longganisa and other local meat cuts delivered right to your doorstep. 

Fill your mouth and tummy with garlicky, meaty goodness. Add prime lean garlic longganisa from TenderBites to your shopping cart today.

Lean Garlic Longganisa Recipes:

  • Longsilog (longganisa, fried rice [sinangag], and egg [itlog])
  • Longganisa pasta
  • Longganisa and kesong puti chicken rolls with garlic sauce
  • Longganisa pizza

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cook garlic longganisa?
Fill a non-stick pan with approximately one cup of water. Put the longganisa in the pan and let it simmer. Turn the sausage until both sides are evenly brown or have caramelized according to your liking.
What food can I pair with garlic longganisa?
Longganisa with garlic fried rice and fried egg, known as longsilog, is a perfect match. You can also serve this with atchara (pickled vegetables or fruits) and have a vinegar dipping sauce on the side.
Which category does garlic longganisa fall under?
Garlic longganisa is under the de recado category due to its savory flavor profile. De recado longganisa is tastier and saltier than the traditional longganisa.
How long will garlic longganisa last?
Garlic longganisa can last for four to eight months if you store it in your freezer correctly. This way, you can cook and eat the meat safely after thawing it while still maintaining its flavor.

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