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Looking to try a new steak cut? Get a New York cut or striploin steak cut from Tenderbites. Savor its juicy, flavorful goodness for lunch or dinner.

New York Cut / Striploin Steak

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Preparing a mouthwatering striploin steak for your loved ones is simple and easy. You don’t need a special occasion to indulge in a juicy New York cut striploin as every meal can be memorable with TenderBites meat.

This specific choice cut comes from the short loin and has a delicious fat cap. It can also have a good amount of intramuscular fat to add to its beefy and juicy taste. The best thing about striploin steak is that you can prepare it at home. Bring your striploin steak to room temperature and pat it try. You can rub it with salt and dry-brine it for 12 hours or overnight in the refrigerator. The meat should have a redder hue to it. Cook it to your desired doneness and let it rest after cooking. Pair it with roast potatoes, asparagus, and other vegetables for a full steakhouse experience at home. 

End your search for striploin steaks at TenderBites. We offer premium meat products perfect for all occasions. Our master butchers are happy to accomodate “any cut, any request” to provide you with the most precise meat cuts. We can also package your steaks and other meat purchases the way you want it to save time on meal prep. 

Treat your palate to a savory and luscious dish of striploin steak. Place an order at TenderBites now.

Striploin Steak Recipes:

  • Striploin stroganoff
  • Garlic rosemary buttered steak
  • Steak & mushroom sauce with charred green beans

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to cook striploin steak?
Striploin steaks take only a few minutes on the grill or frying pan before they are ready to eat. Take note that the cooking time depends on the thickness of the meat. A regular one-inch striploin takes about two to four minutes per side for medium-rare doneness. It should have a soft, pink, and juicy center and a strong exterior crust.
How do I prepare my striploin steak before cooking?
It’s important to let your meat sit and rest at room temperature for about thirty minutes before cooking. You must let its muscle fibers relax so that the protein has a more even cook. You must also pat it dry so that it will cook better and have a strong crust after cooking. Make sure to let your steak rest before and after cooking as well.
How do I make my striploin steak tender?
There are two ways to ensure your dish is tender. The first is by cutting the striploin against the grain to break down its muscle fibers. This cut makes the meat more tender and less chewy. Another way of keeping your steak soft and tender is to let it rest for about five minutes after cooking to allow the flavors to spread and relax its fibers. This will also help the carryover heat dissipate slowly.
How long can I store striploin steak?
Uncooked striploin steak can last for about four to five days when kept in its original packaging. If you plan to freeze your choice cut, use plastic wrap and place it in a freezer-proof bag. Pressing out any excess air allows you to store it for up to nine months.

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