Pork Chop - Skin-On

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Indulge in juicy pork goodness with Tenderbites! Our porkchop cuts are lean meat, with a layer of fat making them extra scrumptious when cooked. Broil, roast, or grill our skin-on porkchop for a hearty and savory meal.

Pork Chop - Skin-On

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We cut our skin-on porkchop from the loin, the section with tenderloin meat. Our skin-on porkchops are loin cuts taken anywhere between the hip and loin to the back. These cuts have a T-shaped bone with both loin and tenderloin meat.

Once cooked, our skin-on porkchop cuts have a mild flavor that will tickle your senses. Add in some seasoning, and these chops will make you hungry for more! Try broiling our porkchop cuts with some rock salt then dip in vinegar — a common Pinoy dish.

For a flavorful, well-made loin chop, cook the cut to 145° F. Then, let the chop rest for three minutes.

  • Order our meat on a per kilo basis.
  • Packed how you want it.
  • Any cut, any request.
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