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Want to try a different type of sukiyaki? Try lamb sukiyaki for a change! Top your hotpot or stir-fry dishes with this prime lamb cut from Tenderbites.

Lamb Sukiyaki

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Are your taste buds craving a different kind of hot pot dish? Give the flavorful lamb sukiyaki a try. Sukiyaki is a Japanese winter dish that you cook like traditional shabu-shabu. This dish is traditionally served during cold days and special occasions like New Year, but has become an everyday favorite. It’s a great meal for sharing with the family.

Cooking sukiyaki is different from cooking shabu-shabu. Shabu-shabu uses thinly sliced beef and pork that you boil in a clear kombu-based broth. But if you’re making sukiyaki, your broth should be sweeter and soy sauce-based for a bolder flavor.

Sukiyaki goes well with thinly sliced meat, tofu, Enoki mushrooms, napa cabbage, onions, noodles, and tong ho. Tong ho is a leafy vegetable that has a medicinal taste that complements the sweet sukiyaki broth. If you’re looking for something even more different, you can try lamb sukiyaki. It has a distinctive flavor and a milder taste and a more succulent texture than other lamb cuts.

Go beyond the usual beef and pork sukiyaki cuts. Complement your dish with premium lamb sukiyaki cuts from TenderBites. Get these succulent cuts in your preferred serving sizes. We can also prepare your lamb sukiyaki in any way you want if you have preferred portions in mind. Shop for lamb sukiyaki and other premium meats at TenderBites today.

Lamb Sukiyaki Recipes:

  • Lamb sukiyaki stir-fry
  • Taiwanese lamb and water spinach stir-fry
  • Lamb rice bowl

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does sukiyaki taste like?
The broth of sukiyaki makes it taste sweet and salty. Once you add the beef and your vegetables of choice, the distinct flavor of the sukiyaki comes out with every bite.
How do I make sukiyaki broth?
Mix sake (Japanese rice wine), mirin (sweet Japanese rice wine), sugar, and soy sauce in a small saucepan. Then, boil the mixture. Turn off the heat once the broth is boiling and reserve the broth for later once you’re ready to cook your sukiyaki cuts.
Is lamb meat healthy?
Cooked lamb often contains 25 to 26% protein. It also packs many vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B12, zinc, and iron. If you’re on a healthy diet, lamb is a delicious alternative to pork and beef as your source of protein.
How long does lamb meat last?
Lamb may last for two to three days if you refrigerate or freeze it properly. But if you’ve refrigerated ground lamb, make sure to use it within a day or two. As for refrigerated leftovers, consume them within three or four days.

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