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Do you miss going out for some Korean BBQ? Recreate the atmosphere of your favorite K-BBQ resto with prime Korean barbecue meat from Tenderbites. Indulge in these tasty cuts from the comfort of your home.

Korean BBQ Cut

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Grilling our prime Korean BBQ cuts will combine the smoky richness from the seared meat with the juicy and flavorful rendered fat from the barbeque. The smoked and rich flavor of the meat is what Korean barbecue is all about. You can grill these cuts with a little seasoning and still enjoy their savory goodness.

If you love beef, our Korean BBQ cuts are the perfect choice for your feast. This dish goes well with a savory dip like ssamjjang sauce, which combines tasty soybean paste (doenjang) and spicy chili paste (gochujang). Ssamjjang also contains toasted sesame oil, sesame seeds, fresh garlic, and scallions for a roasted, bitter, and crispy taste.

Wraps are another staple if you want an authentic Korean BBQ feast. Have an assortment of wraps like lettuce and perilla leaves to go with your barbecue. These leaves provide vegetal and herbal contrast while holding grilled meat and ssamjjang

Korean BBQ feasts won’t be complete without garnishes and side dishes (banchan). You can have fresh and thinly sliced green Korean chilies, garlic cloves, and scallions. You can even have kimchi, rolled omelet, and other sides with your grilled meat. No Korean barbecue is complete without rice and alcoholic beverages like soju and beer.

Have a complete Korean BBQ experience when you get premium Korean BBQ cuts from TenderBites. Get these tasty, ready-to-grill cuts today and have them portioned to your preferred serving sizes.

Different Ways to Enjoy Korean BBQ Cut

  • Grilled beef short ribs
  • Bulgogi
  • Tteokgalbi (minced, seasoned, and grilled beef ribs)
  • Cheese tteokgalbi

This cut is unmarinated (the marinated version is Korean Beef BBQ).

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cook Korean BBQ at home?
Grilling is the best way to have an authentic Korean barbecue experience. First, brush some oil on your grill before heating it. Once it’s starting to sizzle, you can begin putting your different meats. Remember to flip the meats so that they’ll cook evenly. Once your meats are cooked all the way through, you can start putting them on wraps and add your choice of garnish and sauce before taking a bite.
What meat should I buy for Korean BBQ?
You can get pork or beef for your next Korean barbecue feast. You can get pork belly cuts or samgyeopsal, short ribs, and beef bulgogi for the perfect Korean barbecue.
How much meat should I prepare?
If you and your fellow diners want to have enough grilled meat, prepare ½ to ¾ pounds of meat. You can also cook 1 pound of meat for the biggest meat lovers in your feast.
Which beverages can I pair with Korean BBQ meat?
You can have any of the following beverages with your grilled meat:
  • Beer
  • Soju
  • Makgeolli (rice wine)
  • Wine

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